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The Top 5 Reasons We made the Mag Grab and why you NEED one.

Like most great inventions, the Mag Grab was designed to fill a need in the fly fishing industry. Most people are familiar with the small velcro like material often used on waders, fishing packs, vests, etc. That is considered the "standard" fly patch. But as I'm sure you know, these patches are prone to issues. The biggest of these issues being that they hold onto flies both too well and not well enough. So many times at the end of the day, I find myself struggling to remove flies from the looped velcro like material because the barb has chosen to embed itself so deep that it seems it could never be removed. Then at the same time I find that other flies will just fall right out, as if there was nothing holding them to begin with. I got sick and tired of losing my flies and dealing with the hassle of the ones that didn't want to come out so I invented the Mag Grab, a magnetic fly patch, and these are the top 5 reasons why you need it.

1. Hold Onto Flies More reliably

As stated above "traditional" fly patches are very unreliable. Some flies become buried, and some will never stick. The Mag Grab is an elegant solution to this problem. The science behind a magnet is fairly simple. It grabs onto magnetic metals, in this case your hook. But what you may not know, is that the more magnetic metal there is the stronger the magnet pulls on it. This means no matter what size fly your using the Mag Grab will hold onto the fly enough to keep it from falling off, but not so much that they're impossible to remove. This property of our magnets is so exagerated that the Mag Grab mini and delta can even hold onto hand tools such as pliers, forceps, pocket knives, and more with enough force to easily keep them from falling off, all while still being delicate enough to hang on to your size 20 midge. Now how's that for science in action?

2. You Can Put The Mag Grab Products Anywhere You Want

Another huge limitation to the "traditional" fly patches is that they're sewn on permanently. This is where the Mag Grab products have a huge advantage. All Mag Grab products are made from two pieces, an aluminum housing with a glued in magnet, and a separate stainless steel plate. These two pieces can be used to clamp onto nearly any thin surface, and it's incredibly easy to move it from one spot to another as needed. This means you can put the Mag Grab on your hat, waders, fishing pack, vest, t-shirt, long-sleeve, you name it. But while the Mag Grab mini and plus were designed for personal use as listed above, the Mag Grab Delta was designed for use on larger objects. In addition to being able to clamp the delta onto thin surfaces. The steel plate features a high-strength adhesive backing which can be permanently attached to boats, coolers, cars, or any smooth surface. And did we mention the Delta has a built in bottle opener?

3. On The Water Organizer

One of my favorite uses of The Mag Grab products is as an organization tool while you're on the water. I keep two Mag Grab minis on my fishing pack at all times. This way, as I'm switching through flies I can organize between my dry flies and my nymphs. You could even take this a step further and have one for nymphs, one for dries, and one for emergers. On my waders I prefer to have something a little bigger. For me that's a Mag Grab Plus. This sits on the front pocket of my waders and I use it to help me out while I'm rigging up my flies. Like many fisherman, I almost always fish two flies at once. It can get a little cumbersome at times trying to manage the first fly while you're tying on the second, but with the Mag Grab Plus, I simply attach the first fly to the plus and then both my hands are free to attach the second fly. Then when I'm done I can effortlessly pull the fly off and I'm good to go! The possibilities of organization are only limited by what the user can think of!

4. Lose Less Flies Save More Money

This one is pretty self explanatory. How many flies have you lost while using a traditional fly patch? I'm guessing the answer is more than you can count. Flies aren't cheap. Buying them from a local fly shop will set you back anywhere from $3-$8 a piece depending on what type of fly you're buying. This is really the root function of the Mag Grab. a $20 or $30 investment in the mini or plus doesn't take long to pay for itself when flies cost that much.

5. Made In Montana

These days most big fishing companies are making their products over seas, while claiming "Assembled in USA". With Cling Fishing Products, that just isn't the case. All of the Mag Grab products are made almost entirely in our workshop in Bozeman with a few minor parts outsourced to a shop in Utah. The Mag Grab is entirely assembled AND made in the United States of America. Since we sell and manufacture our own products, you can rest assured that the proper time was put into quality control and testing, ensuring a product that actually helps you on the water, all while supporting the US economy.

I could go on and on about how much I love the Mag Grab. After all we wouldn't make it if we didn't like it, But ultimately I can only tell you so much before you just have to get one and try it out. All our products are fully backed by a 14 day return policy so if you don't like it you can just send it back! So what are you waiting for, try out the greatest fly fishing accessory and buy a Mag Grab to save yourself some major headache!

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