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Isotech™ Trico™
  • Isotech™ Trico™

    Built to last through the toughest conditions The ISOTECH series of fishing nets features a patent pending modernized technical look and feel while maintaining and improving on traditional function. It's fully ported design provides the perfect blend of rigidity and strength while minimizing its weight. This along with a host of other inventive features including a magnetized logo to control your flies, make the ISOTECH series one of the most innovative and unique fishing products on the market today and officially sets the bar as the new high standard for fishing nets.

    • Product Features

      Lightweight and Strong Fully Machined Handle

      As the worlds first billet aluminum fishing net The Isotech™ Trico™ debuts a patent pending geometric pattern in the handle that was inspired by designs utilized by NASA and other aerospace engineers. This design was developed to reduce weight dramatically while still mainting full strength and structural integrity. This gives you a handle nearly as strong as solid aluminum while weighing almost 75% less.


      Built in Magnetic Fly Holder

      We got frustrated with our flies getting hooked on the bottom of the river whenever we try to wrangle our catch. So we included a rare-earth magnet with 6lbs of pulling force located behind the Isotech logo. This gives you a place to keep your flies under control while you're getting a picture with your trophy fish. 


      Extended Length Handle

      With traditional fly fishing nets we often find that fish remain just out of reach. So we designed the Trico™ with an extended 12" handle to give you a couple extra inches of reach and get your fish in the bag and under control.


      Wide Mouth Hoop

      Traditional aluminum nets often have narrow Hoops wich can make it diifcult to get your fish into the bag. Our wide mouth hoop makes it much easier to net fish while still maintaining almost 30" in length. 


      Modular/Interchangable Design

      We designed the Isotech™ Trico™ while looking forward to the future. As we continue our innovation and make longer handles and new and different designs. They will all be made to be compatable and interchangable with the current handle. This gives the user ultimate diversity and upgradability. 

    • Dimensions

      12" x 29"

      Net Bag:

      - 11"W x 16"L x 10"D

      - 46" Circumference

    • Weight

      17.6 OZ

    • Return Policy

      Not happy with your purchase? You can return or exchange your product within 14 days of purchase. Simply fill out the return form on our Terms and Conditions page and we will review your request. If your return fits under our guidelines we will email you a shipping label with packing instructions. We apologize for any inconveniences, and will get back to you as soon as possible.


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