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Mag Grab™ Mini - Brown Town
  • Mag Grab™ Mini - Brown Town

    SKU: 0002

    The Mag Grab™ Mini presents a beautiful modern design accompanied by a gorgeous engraving. The high strength magnet on this magnetic fly patch allows for over a dozen flies to be attached without a problem, and is strong enough to hold a variety of hand tools, such as forceps, nippers, or pliers to allow for quick and easy access when they are needed most. The Mag grab is made from the highest quality materials right here in the big sky state of Montana to create the most revolutionary "must have" tool to add to your fishing arsenal. 


    The Brown Town design presents a handsome brown trout we would all be envious to behold. His outline is beautifully complimented by the smooth lines radiating out from the center of the design. Sporting a magnetic fly patch with this pattern may just increase your chances of catching the next big one. 

    • Product Info

      The Mag Grab is a magnetic fly patch made from an anodized aircraft grade aluminum alloy that will stand up to years of use. Its fully machined and milled aluminum housing holds an extremely strong, rare-earth neodymium magnet which was specially chosen to be delicate enough so flies can be easily removed, yet strong enough to hold pliers, forceps, knives, or just about any tool you can imagine. On top of that the stainless steel plate is a high grade stainless steel alloy that holds firmly onto the magnet, but will still resist corrosion, and last for many years to come. The Mag Grab truly sets the bar as the new standard for high quality fly fishing accessories and tools. 

    • Dimensions

      1 1/2" long x 1 1/2" wide x 1/4" tall

      Weight: 1.5 OZ

    • Return and Refund Policy

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