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The Classics Fly pattern Decal/Sticker Pack

The Classics Fly pattern Decal/Sticker Pack

SKU: 100409

The classics fly pattern pack includes many of your favorite dry flies and streamers, featuring an elk hair caddis, parachute adams, stimulator, chubby chernobyl, clouser minnow, articulated streamer, zebra midge, and our Cling Logo! These stickers are the perfect addition to ny fly box, boat, phone case, water bottle, laptop, and more! the possibilities are endless! 



Show off your favorite fish species with these custom decals designed by and for those who love the outdoors. Each design is meticulously hand drawn to bring out the best of each species, and is printed on premium UV resistant vinyl to stand the test of time, and the elements. Add a bit of flare to your boat, cooler, car, water bottle, or more with our one of a kind decals.



  • UV resistant coating
  • 4" x 6" sheet
  • durable vinyl
  • for indoor or outdoor use
  • Application Instructions

    For best results apply at room temperature on smooth surfaces. Gaps between the vinyl and the application surface will lead to deterioration of the adhesive. Clean surface thoroughly before application. Remove adhesive backing. Using your thumb, apply the decal starting from one side and moving to the other applying firm and even pressure. Push any air bubbles out to the edge of the decal. 


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