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Sticky Plate - Mag Grab™ Delta

Sticky Plate - Mag Grab™ Delta

SKU: 100251

Mag Grab® Delta steel plate with adhesive and/or velcro backing


The Sticky Plate is designed to be semi-permanently attached onto any smooth surface such as boats, coolers, vehicles, and more. The steel plate comes with an adhesive backer already installed. If you choose to use the included velcro patch, it can be attached to the steel plate and offer all new solutions for docking your Mag Grab® delta. The Velcro comes with both the male (hook side) and Female (loop side). We recommend you attach the male side to the steel plate. This allows you to stick it to alrady existing velcro surfaces on your boat bag, waders, and more. The female side of the velcro can be attached to almost any smooth surface including raft intertubes, seat backs, etc. allowing the ultimate diversity in where you choose to organize your flies and tools.


The Sticky Plate is designed for use with the Mag Grab Delta and WILL NOT hold flies on its own.


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